World Water Week with Ryerson University and Kidoons

For World Water Week, Kidoons partnered with Ryerson Urban Water to create this video about how they’re using big picture thinking to address big water challenges in big cities like Toronto. Through interviews and infographics, see climate change, urban water runoff, industrial and agricultural pollution are being addressed through collaboration. You’ll see the incredible rooftop […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s March 17th and time to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day….feeling extra lucky? Saint Patrick was a Christian Missionary in Ireland in the years of the 400’s! His legend grew, and by the time people were writing about him 1,300 years later they said he: – banished all snakes from Ireland by sending them into the […]

Have you ‘dressed’ your Christmas tree yet?

In some parts of the world families set up Christmas trees in their homes. Make your own design with Kidoons’ very own Fir Tree! Play this joyful drag and drop dress up game where you get to decide what goes on the Fir Tree and where! Throw on some glowing lights, shiny baubles, peppermint candy […]