KIDOONS launches the all new


Many years ago, in a pleasant old town by the sea, lived a young girl who was very, very fond of fairy tales. When she had read all the fairy-books which her parents and her uncles and her cousins and her sisters and her aunts had been kind enough to give her, she turned to the public library and read every single fairy tale she could find mentioned. But there was an end even to this treasure; and, finally, a day came when the fairy-tale lover could find no new tales to read. She would often peek at the new books in the bookshops, only to find the same old stories printed, without new pictures, meant to please only grown-ups who had long-forgotten the lore of the Realm of the Fairies. What could be the matter? Had the fairies all gone away, or locked the doors of their Realm that even young girls could no longer enter? Where, where, where were images and drawings of the Fairies and the Realm of the Fairies, and why, why, why couldn't she find them? Some years passed. One pleasant summer day, as the fairy-tale lover sat reading a book beneath the low spreading branches of a very old oak tree, she heard a hum of wings, and looking up startled from her book, she discovered the Fairy Goldenwand standing close by. "Are you still seeking images of my people and new fairy tales?" said the Fairy Goldenwand. "Yes," said the reader. "The you shall be very happy. You have arrived at a place where you shall find many of my sisters that have not been known to humans before and each shall tell you their secret stories and most importantly you shall see what they look like" said the Fairy. "Oh yes, indeed," said the reader. "You must tell me all about the fashions in the Realm of the Fairies and tell me all about these wonderful creatures." "Oh, that will be fine!" said the Fairy Goldenwand. "I knew you wouldn't mind my appearing so suddenly. Ever so many things have happened in the Realm of the Fairies since the last books were written, and we all think it's a dreadful shame that children haven't seen nor heard about our wonderful and magical ways for so long. Just imagine boys and girls not knowing about the adventures of my people and not knowing the ways we look and dress! Come into the Realm of the Fairies and you shall learn our secrets!"


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