Princess Viaggio’s Classroom Fashion!

Princess Viaggio is back in school from a relaxing and fun March spring break. Princess Viaggio enjoyed the time off to spend with friends playing all their favorite games, but she also enjoys studying and learning, because Princess Viaggio loves to expand her mind with math, languages, science, and her favorite, art! Princess Viaggio is […]

Easter Fun!

KIDOONS presents Animated Easter! Read the story of how Ryder Rabbit learns what Easter means. This online story can be appreciated by kids of all ages! You may want to play  Princess Viaggio’s Easter Egg Hunt Game or dress up Fiore, the Springtime Fairy or get creative with Animated Easter Art Mania!!  You can even […]

Solé, the Sunshine Fairy

There is a time in the Fairy Realm which comes after winter, but before the springtime. It lasts a few weeks. All the fairies and future princesses know that when this time arrives spring is not far. The sun is not powerful in the Realm of the Fairies when the Snow Queen sends Winter to […]

Jimmy Skunk in Fashion Scents – Dress up Game

What’s one thing that everybody knows about skunks? Their stinky spray! But did you know that tomato juice actually doesn’t help remove the smell of skunk spray? Play Jimmy Skunk’s ‘scent-sational’ dress up game as you learn and read about other interesting facts about the life of skunks. Where do these mammals live and what […]

Play Princess Viaggio’s Easter Egg Hunt Game!

Princess Viaggio is very excited for Easter, because to our little princess, the Easter holiday means spring is near! Different families in society have different traditions and celebrations for Easter, which is also why Princess Viaggio can hardly wait, because every year at Easter Princess Viaggio knows that her mother, the Queen, plans royal scavenger […]