Fisherman and his wife: Fishin’ Fashion

Isabil, the Fisherman’s Wife is so greedy. She keeps asking the magical fish to make her richer and richer. Now she has so many clothes that she doesn’t know what to wear! Play the Fishin’ Fashion dressup game and help the fisherman’s wife dress up in elaborate gowns and dazzling jewellery. And watch out for […]

Jerry Muskrat in Lazing Around

Jerry Muskrat is a funny mellow muskrat who lives in the Smiling Pool and likes to take life easy and play games. Like all other muskrats, Jerry lives in a half-submerged house that he built out of plants and mud. He loves to relax in the sun and swim around in the water with the […]

Ami, the Goth Fairy

Ami was one of the most arrogant fairies in Fairy Realm. She would break all the rules, and did not listen to Tila, the Flower Fairy. Tila was upset about this. She sent Ami to the Underworld Fairy Realm, a cold dark place filled with scary creatures. Over time, the gothic Underworld Fairy Realm transformed […]