Fisherman and His Wife: Xmas Wishes!

Isabil, the Fisherman’s Wife is so greedy. She keeps asking the magical fish to make her richer and richer. Christmas is her favourite holiday but she won’t be giving any presents this year. She’ll be getting them all! But she doesn’t know what to wear for this special day, as she has so many different […]

Animated Santa Claus

Did you know that Santa Claus is portrayed many different ways in cultures all around the world? Different cultures envision Santa in different clothes, different colors, and even slightly different looks. Some cultures even picture him as a ghost! Dress up Santa Claus in the different outfits from around the world, and see what others […]

Father Time in ICE ICE BABY!

Santa Claus has a brother named Father Time. And you know the next best thing that comes in the holiday after Christmas is New Year’s Eve! But where is Baby New Year? Before the New year can come, Father Time must find Baby New Year who is lost in a dark, cold, and scary ice […]