Phoebe, the Amethyst Fairy

Phoebe is one of twelve Birthstone Fairies, and represents Amethyst, the gemstone of February.  Like her sacred stone, Phoebe is a symbol of sincerity and peace of mind.  She is extremely intelligent and insightful, and allows everyone around her to feel safe and secure.  Her power lies in beauty and spirituality. Help dress up Phoebe […]

Jorinda and Jorindel in Enchanted Evening

Jorinda and Jorindel have escaped from the evil clutches of the foul fairy.  They are celebrating their victory in the Enchanted Forest.  They have both been through many hardships, but they finally get to celebrate their lives and their love. Help Jorinda and Jorindel dress up for this very special evening, when the entire world […]

Valentine’s Day Specials!

Valentine’s Day is almost here!  Love is in the air and fun stuff is happening at KIDOONS!  Check out some of our new dressup games and some fun stories!  Send a Valentine E-Card to a friend or loved one, and let them know that you are thinking of them during this wonderful time! Play the […]