Madison Rabbit in Easter Party

Spring is in the Briar Patch. With springtime comes Madison Rabbit’s favorite holiday, Easter! On this special day Madison Rabbit is organizing a party for all her bunny friends. There will be Easter dinner, chocolate eggs, and dancing the Bunny Hop. There will be an Easter egg hunt game for kids. With the help of […]

Princess Viaggio Shops for Spring

Springtime is here, and the mall has amazing prices on beautiful clothes! For Princess Viaggio, it is practically Heaven. She gets to buy a whole new Spring Princess wardrobe! She is shopping all day long. Although her feet hurt a little, she is happy! She has found fashion treasures inside her favorite store. She can’t […]

Princess Annebelle Aries Dressup Game

Princess Annebelle presents the Zodiac sign of Aries!  If your birthday is between March 21 and April 20, you are Aries, the ram!  The ram means you are exciting and adventuresome!  On the other hand, but maybe you are also hard-headed and quick to anger.  Aries is a fire sign. Princess Annebelle is letting her […]

Marcy, the Aquamarine Fairy

Marcy is one of twelve Birthstone Fairies.  She represents Aquamarine, the gemstone of March.  Like her sacred birthstone gem, Marcy is a symbol of faith and courage.  She is a loving and true friend to all fairies and children.  Her Aquamarine power gives beauty and honesty and loyalty. Dress up Marcy to reflect her personality […]

Lightfoot the Deer in Woodland Runway

Lightfoot the Deer is by far the best-dressed deer in all the woods. He is more stylish, more fashionable, and has better antlers than anyone he’s ever met. All of his forest friends have been nice enough to throw Lightfoot a party. They have lights, music, and they even built him a runway where he […]