Mona, the Emo Fairy

When Tila, the Flower Fairy sent out Princess Viaggio to Earth, the little princess was very curious about the different cultures and trends that humans have compared to the Fairy Realm. A few months later, Princess Viaggio visited all of her friends in the Fairy Realm and played games after game and introduced them to […]

Princess Annebelle Gemini Dressup Game

Princess Annebelle presents the Zodiac sign of Gemini! If your birthday is between May 21 and June 21, you are Gemini, the twins! The sign of the twins means you have different sides to your personality. You also have multiple talents. Sometimes you feel and act like 2 different people! Princess Annebelle is trying on […]

Agua, The Smiling Pool Fairy

If you fly across the Green Meadows, toward the Green Forest, you will see the Smiling Pool where Agua, the Smiling Pool fairy lives. Because she is a Smiling Pool fairy, Agua can control the weather and water within the pool. She is friends with all the creatures that live in the Smiling Pool, including […]

Beryl, the Emerald Fairy

Beryl is one of twelve Birthstone Fairies. She represents Emerald, the gemstone of May. Just like her magnificent gem, Beryl brings good luck and well being. Many fantastic stories are told about Beryl and in all of them she is a symbol of beauty and constant love. Her favorite color is Emerald green – the […]

Nanny Meadowmouse in “Mother’s Day Bash!”

It’s Mother’s Day! Danny Meadowmouse and his children want to do something special for Nanny on Mother’s Day, so they’ve decided to throw her a Mother’s Day Bash! They’ve filled the Green Meadow with ornaments, bells and lanterns, and there’s a magical feel all across the field. Nanny Meadowmouse wants to look special for Mother’s […]