Princess Annebelle – Virgo Zodiac

Princess Annebelle presents Virgo the virgin:  if your birthday is between July 23 and August 22, you are the Zodiac sign of Virgo!  Virgo is the sign of the virgin, or the maiden.  You can be very shy and calm, but inside very bright and imaginative, much like Princess Annebelle herself. Virgos make excellent fashion […]

Drammà, the Theatre Fairy

She is important in the realm of the Fairies, for she specializes in the Performing Arts and theatre for kids and teens. Plays, Opera, and of course, Drama, are Drammà the Fairy Drama Queen’s favorite pieces to act. Drammà the Entertainment Fairy spends her days practicing her play, and when night arrives she lights up […]

Augustina, the Peridot Fairy

Augustina is the fairy of the birthstone of August – the peridot.  Peridot is a very rare light green gem.  It is a jewel of protection, so Augustina wears her peridot jewels to protect you from wicked spirits!  Augustina is a sun fairy – she flies around all summer long, bringing light and fun times […]