Little Mika: Today, I’ll get over my fear of ghosts! And the first step towards that is by playing the Ghostina dressup game…I think? …I hope that you kids aren’t scared of ghosts, then you would be able to enjoy this game. Don’t forget to read about it first! “Being a ghost is fun at […]

Donkey Skin Halloween Ball

Donkey Skin’s Halloween Ball Donkey skin is preparing for the Halloween Ball that she is having at her dad’s castle. She has tons of beautiful gowns and Halloween costumes but she doesn’t know which one to wear! Play the Donkey Skin Halloween Ball dressup game and help Donkey skin dress up in a cool outfit […]

Blue Beard’s Haunted Castle

Little Mika: It’s Halloween and mean old Blue Beard is up to something again! It seems that he’ll be expecting trick-or-treaters at his mansion this year. So lets give him a hand and help him decorate his mansion! But don’t forget to read Blue Beard’s scary story before you play! “There are many dark and […]


Being a half-dead vampire princess has its advantages, especially for the Halloween Season! Krymzon the Vampire Princess is using her spells and magical powers to change her ghoulish appearance so she can grab everyone’s attention with her new fab, stunning look! Help dress up Krymzon the Vampire Princess in the perfect outfit for her Halloween […]

Jorinda’s Spooky Woods

HALLOWEEN is coming! Jorinda and Jorindel have escaped from the evil clutches of the foul fairy. But they don’t seem to be out of the woods yet! The two young elves once again find themselves in that dark and gloomy forest. Though the fairy is no longer, the woods are still filled with scary shapes […]

Thumbelina in “Designer Bubbles!”

Hi kids! You know what makes me feel better when people tease me about my height? Playing the Thumbelina dress-up game! Thumbelina is a tiny little girl about the size of your thumb. Dressing up such a cute little doll is just what I need to make me feel better! =D