Turkey Dressing

It’s the season to give thanks! It’s Thanksgiving! There’s just one problem…the KIDOONS family can’t decide what their very own turkey should look like! Help them create a turkey! Will it be an Iroquois? A Pilgrim, or something totally wacky?! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Little Mika: Guess what we’re dressing up today? A scarecrow! But don’t make him too scary, you might frighten the cute little kitten that pass by too! Anyway, have fun dressing up Scarecrow, just don’t forget to read about the game first! “Scarecrow is returning from his journey with Tin Man, Lion and Dorothy from […]

Ryder Rabbit – Harvest Dance

Little Mika: Ryder Rabbit seems nervous today. Apparently, it has something to do with Madison Rabbit! Should we help? I say that we should! Let’s dress up Ryder Rabbit so that he can looks dashing for his lovely Madison. Just don’t forget to read about the game first! Ryder Rabbit is getting ready for the […]

Autumn, the Fall Fairy

Little Mika: Fall is wonderful season! It’s red, orange and yellow! Not too hot and not yet too cold. Plus, you get to play in dried leaves! Did you know that Fall is also called Autumn? Speaking of Autumn, we launched Autumn, the Fall Fairy’s game! Enjoy dressing her up in all those bright colors. […]

Princess Viaggio in Global Voyage

Being a princess isn’t only about living in a castle. Princess Viaggio has been extremely busy traveling around the world and sightseeing. She always enjoys traveling. Traveling is also educational, as Princess Viaggio gets to visit different places and see different cultures and, most importantly, different fashions! Dress Princess Viaggio to match the seven postcards […]