Phoebe, the Amethyst Fairy

Phoebe is one of twelve Birthstone Fairies, and represents Amethyst, the gemstone of February.  Like her sacred stone, Phoebe is a symbol of sincerity and peace of mind.  She is extremely intelligent and insightful, and allows everyone around her to feel safe and secure.  Her power lies in beauty and spirituality.  Help dress up Phoebe […]

Beauty And The Beast DRESS UP Game

It’s a nice day for a Space Wedding! Beauty and the Beast are in love, and now they are getting married – uniting their planet kingdoms. How should a galactic Princess dress? Do you think Beauty should be “out of this world” or “down-to-earth” on her big day? Help the Wedding Planner 5000 robot dress […]


The Three Musketeers welcome you to 17th century France: an age of Kings and Queens and adventure! The Musketeers are giving Queen Anne of Austria gifts of beautiful dresses, dazzling jewelery and more! Play the game – the Queen wants to look wonderful, and you need to dress her up… will you accomplish the mission? […]

Almandine, the Garnet Fairy

Almandine is one of twelve Birthstone Fairies, and represents Garnet, the gemstone of January.  Like her sacred stone, Almandine has healing energy and can help people to persevere and stay in good health.  She is very powerful, and can spread prosperity.  Almandine embodies the purity and beauty of the Garnet stone.  Help Almandine dress up […]