Princess Viaggio’s Easter Egg Hunt Game!

Princess Viaggio is very excited for Easter, because to our little princess, the Easter holiday means spring is near! Different families in society have different traditions and celebrations for Easter, which is also why Princess Viaggio can hardly wait, because every year at Easter Princess Viaggio knows that her mother, the Queen, plans royal scavenger […]

Fiore, the Springtime Fairy

Fiore the Springtime Fairy has awoken and is ready to begin her new year. Fiore hides through winter, because cold weather upsets Fiore. She hides from the fairies, from people and society, for the whole winter and all the winter holidays. Fiore is called the ‘Springtime Fairy’ because when the calendar turns to spring, she […]

Animated Easter

Color scenes from Kidoons stories with pre-made pictures – Choose from 20 juicy colors! Draw and color your own pictures and shapes with drawing tools, while ‘tool tips’ changes the size of your line and brushes. Place pre-drawn objects and make your own wacky Kidoons scenes! Get your creative juices flowing! Happy Easter from KIDOONS!

Princess Annebelle Aries Dressup Game

Princess Annebelle presents the Zodiac sign of Aries! If your birthday is between March 21 and April 20, you are Aries, the ram! The ram means you are exciting and adventuresome! On the other hand, but maybe you are also hard-headed and quick to anger. Aries is a fire sign. Princess Annebelle is letting her […]

Griselda At the Royal Wedding

It’s Time to Shine! The Royal Family has a wedding, and the invitations have been sent. All the richest of families in the kingdom will be there, so this is an occasion to dress to impress! Get Griselda styling and be noticed at the kingdom’s most hip event yet! Enjoy the “Shine at the Royal […]

Oonagh, the Irish Fairy Princess

March 17th is a special event – St. Patrick’s Day! Oonagh the Irish Fairy Princess is very excited! Oonagh spreads the Irish tradition of feast and celebration during the early spring. Oonagh loves the spring, when all is pretty and green! She brings joy and luck to all those around her. St. Patrick’s Day is […]

Granny Fox in “Crazy Cooking!”

Granny Fox has been cooking all day long. After all, foxes take very good care of their young, and Granny can’t let Reddy Fox go hungry! She has certainly outdone herself this time, there will even be enough food to store for a later date! All this cooking has made Granny Fox quite tired, and […]

Marcy, the Aquamarine Fairy

Marcy is one of twelve Birthstone Fairies. She represents Aquamarine, the gemstone of March. Like her sacred birthstone gem, Marcy is a symbol of faith and courage. She is a loving and true friend to all fairies and children. Her Aquamarine power gives beauty and honesty and loyalty. Dress up Marcy to reflect her personality […]