Gaia, the Earth Day Fairy

April 22 is Earth Day, a holiday where kids and adults get together and celebrate the beauty of the Earth and learn how to protect the environment. Gaia, the Earth Day fairy can’t wait for this special day, as it is her favorite day of the year. Gaia was named the Earth Day fairy because […]

Crystal, the Diamond Fairy

The Birthstone Fairy of the month of April is named Crystal.  Diamond is the ultimate gem – it is bright and shiny, and one of the hardest things on earth.  A diamond can scratch glass, and if you use a diamond drill tip you can drill through solid rock!  Like her stone, Crystal the Diamond […]

Princess Viaggio runs for Class President

Today, her class is voting for a new Class President, and Princess Viaggio wants to win! She is sure that if she becomes President, she can lead her fellow classmates to fantastic things! She wants everyone to play games, be happy, and most importantly, have fun! There’s only one problem: She doesn’t know what to […]

Princess Viaggio at the School Dance

Princess Viaggio is going to a school dance tonight, and everyone she knows is going to be there. Her friend taught her some cool moves using video games, which she can’t wait to show off on the dance floor. She wants to hear the music and dance! However, there is still one problem: She doesn’t […]

Madison Rabbit in Easter Party

Spring is in the Briar Patch. With springtime comes Madison Rabbit’s favorite holiday, Easter! On this special day Madison Rabbit is organizing a party for all her bunny friends. There will be Easter dinner, chocolate eggs, and dancing the Bunny Hop. There will be an Easter egg hunt game for kids. With the help of […]