Sea Cow’s Crazy Aquarium!

Sea Cow is throwing a party! She invited all her friends to the coolest place at the bottom of the ocean, and it’s going to be a night to remenber! Now it’s your turn to help. Drag and drop all of Sea Cow’s party guests to create a colorful and cool night of fish fun!

Magical Elf Feast

Welcome to Elfin Hill! It’s a very special and important time at Elfin Hill today, there will be a huge feast for all magical creatures that have been invited! We can’t do this without you, so help us make the party look fabulous by decorating it! Enjoy the “Magical Elf Feast!” DRESS UP GAME

Poor Mrs. Quack in “Dressed to Fly!”

Poor Mrs Quack needs a holiday. It is that time of year when she travels south for her vacation to get away from the cold winter in the North. I wonder where Poor Mrs Quack is going to go? Perhaps she will fly to Florida or California where the weather is warm and the sun […]

Old Mr. Toad in “Storytelling”

Everybody knows that Old Mr. Toad is the wisest creature in all the land. Animals come from all over to hear him share his interesting stories. Today is a special day, for Danny Meadowmouse, Whitefoot the WoodMouse, and Ryder Rabbit, have all come to the Great Pine near the Smiling Pool to hear what great […]

Grandfather Frog in “How To Be A Green Frog”

Grandfather Frog is extremely smart. He teaches all the little tadpoles in the Smiling Pool how to do all the things that little green frogs do, like how to jump, swim, croak, fish, eat, and avoid mutation! The tadpoles often lose interest, and Grandfather Frog sometimes finds it difficult to keep their attention. To do […]

Princess Annebelle’s “Cancer the Crab”

Princess Annebelle presents Cancer the crab: if your birthday is between June 22 and July 22, you are Zodiac sign of Cancer! The water sign of the crab means you can be very artistic, but you cover your sensitive side with a thick shell to protect yourself! You have a good imagination and are a […]

Princess Angiola’s Beauty Shop

Rapunzel’s friend Princess Angiola is not bored in her castle tower… she has set up a beauty shop! Use Angiola’s salon table to change her hairstyle and hair color. Dress up Angiola and do her makeup. Can you make Angiola more beautiful than Rapunzel?

Paddy the Beaver in “Dam, Sweet Dam!”

Beavers are very hard working amazing animals that not many people know too much about. What about you? Do you know where a beaver lives, what they eat, and why they chop down trees? Learn while you play with Paddy the Beaver’s Dressup game! Dress up Paddy in his fashionably hip outfits as you read […]