Fisherman and His Wife in “Fishin’ Fashion”

Isabil, the Fisherman’s Wife is so greedy. She keeps asking the magical fish to make her richer and richer. Now she has so many clothes that she doesn’t know what to wear! Play the Fishin’ Fashion dressup game and help the fisherman’s wife dress up in elaborate gowns and dazzling jewellery. And watch out for […]

Little Red Riding Hood’s Surprise Party!

Today is Little Red Riding Hood’s birthday, and her mother has thrown her a party! She even invited all of Little Red’s friends and dolls to play games. She also decorated the entire house with banners and balloons! Play the Little Red Riding Hood’s Surprise Party dressup game and dress up Little Red Riding Hood […]

Princess Annebelle’s Leo Dress Up

Princess Annebelle presents Leo the lion: if your birthday is between July 23 and August 22, you are the Zodiac sign of Leo! Like a lioness, you know what you want and hunt until you get it! The fire sign of the lion means you are outgoing and very generous with your stuff and your […]

The Wild Swans Dress Up

Tommy and Tammy are catwalk experts that have been asked to create designer styles for the Wild Swans! Choose your favorite designer and start creating the hot new styles everyone will want to wear! Enjoy the “Wild Swans Couture!” Dress up Game

Julie, the Ruby Fairy

Julie is the fairy of the birthstone of July – the ruby. Ruby is one of the hardest and most beautiful gem stones, and Julie is one tough but beautiful fairy. Her powers of love and healing help mend the hearts of her friends. Julie loves to dress up in pink and red to represent […]