Princess Annebelle’s Virgo

Princess Annebelle presents Virgo the virgin:  if your birthday is between July 23 and August 22, you are the Zodiac sign of Virgo!  Virgo is the sign of the virgin, or the maiden.  You can be very shy and calm, but inside very bright and imaginative, much like Princess Annebelle herself. Virgos make excellent fashion […]

Princess Viaggio is a Rockstar!

Princess Viaggio has the wonderful opportunity to audition for a new star-seeking music competition called Rockstar! Only the most beautiful, the most talented, and most fashionable princesses win, so Viaggio has to do her best! Her band is ready and she is singing great, the only thing left is for her to look her greatest. […]

Barrie Bear in Raspberry Maze

Collect the Raspberry for Barrie Bear basket in the hedge maze before your energy runs out. Watch out the wasp if it stings you, you will lose your energy. Drink smoothie to replenish your energy. Play the great maze and have fun!

Rosered and Snow White in “Flower Power!”

A poor widow lived alone in a little cottage, in front of which was a garden, where stood two little rose-trees: one bore white roses, the other red. The widow had two children, who resembled the two rose-trees: one was called Snow-white, and the other Rose-red. They were two of the best children that ever […]

Buster Bear in “A Bear’s Life”

Have you ever wondered how a bear lives? What does a bear consider fun and games? What do bears and wildlife do for outdoors recreation? What do bears eat? What about hibernation (when they sleep for an entire winter)? Follow the adventures of Buster Bear, as KIDOONS presents ‘A Bear’s Life’, a fun filled dress […]

Paul Bunyan Dress Up

After a hard day of cooking the largest and tastiest flapjack in history, the Bunyan crew is taking the day to party it up in style! Dress up Paul Bunyan in a variety of funny costumes and wacky outfits. Paul himself will even let you know if he likes what you’re dressing him up in! […]