The Fairies™ game: The Star Beam Fairy

Tua, the Star Beam Fairy, opened her eyes. For some time already she had lain as one lies between sleep and waking on her rose petal bed, and it seemed to her that she heard the sounds of dancing stars, and of music that rippled across the galaxy from her far off home. She thought […]

Play Haunted Castle: A Blue Beard™ brand game.

There are many dark and scary stories that surround BlueBeard and his Haunted Mansion. Horrible things once happened there, more horrible than anyone can even imagine. Some people say that the mansion is full of scary ghosts. Others say that there are heads of horrible creatures on the walls, that come alive when the lighting […]

Trick or Treat Time!

Perfect resource to help you get ready for the Halloween Trick-or-treating! Here are some tricks from Animated Halloween™ to keep your kids safe during this spooky season. Warning: Funny illustrations! And while you there check out Halloween games and downloads. Tons of coloring books and more!