Goldilocks™ in her hair-rising fairytale!

Goldilocks and little bear, Bearnice are celebrating their special day with the relaunched version of this classic tale. The KIDOONS™ Network has added new sparkling illustrations with audio narrations, making it a fabulous and fun read for all! The girls may be celebrating the same birthday, but they both get very different birthday surprises. Join […]

Rumpelstiltzkin™ is back with tricks!

The KIDOONS™ Network has relaunched the new story of Rumpelstiltzkin™ and all of his witty shenanigans on his new website. Their was a lot of effort put in to trying to change his clever tricking ways, but instead he was made even more entertaining! The new audio narrated story with new illustrations  make the tale […]

Nanny Meadowmouse in “Mother’s Day Bash!”

Danny Meadowmouse and his children are making Mother’s Day special for Nanny Meadowmouse on Mother’s Day. They’ve all decided to throw Nanny a Mother’s Day Bash! They’ve filled the Green Meadow with ornaments, bells and lanterns, and there’s a magical feel all across the field. Nanny Meadowmouse wants to look special for Mother’s Day and […]