Princess Annabelle needs your help!

She is having a Halloween Ball and does not know what to wear. She has tons of costume ideas, but can’t decide on what she wants to be. Click on the coffin and dress up Princess Annabelle.   Be creative and mix and match your own fashions in the Halloween Ball dressup game!Dress Up Princess Annabelle

Sticky Thumbs love stickers! Little Tom Thumb seems to be full of surprises.  He’s got some wacky stickers in store!  Do you have a sticker collection?  If not why not start one? With winter on the way it’s always a good idea to start a new project.   Visit the Little Tom Thumb™ store 

Be careful what you wish for!

Looks like the fall leaves have blown in a mean, old man.  How many of you enjoy walking over crunchy leaves? Now, how many of you would love to have someone grant you all your wishes? Having all your wishes answered, would be great! But what if it meant dealing with someone like Rumpelstiltzkin? Join […]

Pumpkin Seed Chips

On Monday get your classmates in the Halloween spirit by brining in a Spooky Snack. When you make your pumpkin seed chips! With the help of an adult make so favorite is pumpkin seed chips. After your mom or dad is done carving the pumpkin, go through the goo and get out all the seeds. […]