Christmas is in the air!

Do you have a post turkey coma or Christmas fever? It’s never too early to enjoy some Christmas cheer. KIDOONS has got plenty of it at Animated Christmas. Visit the Animated Christmas™ website and turn up the heat on your Christmas fever.

Has it snowed where you are?

For a lot of people the month of December means snow! If you live in a place that gets snow, it means you better have the following things to make sure you stay warm this holiday season.KIDOONS made this list of “Must haves” to stay warm this holiday season: Hat Mittens Scarf Snow pants Warm […]

What animal pulls Santa’s sleigh?

We’re not telling you! You’re going to have to complete Puhzel’s fun and tricky puzzle. Once you solved the puzzle you will know what animal pulls Santa’s sleigh. Hint: it has four legs, a pair of antlers and lives at the North Pole. Solve the puzzle to find out the answer

Puss in Boots is your furry feline friend!

Puss in Boots is a very smart cat!  Did you read about how he tricked the Ogre in the castle?  Puss has been roaming around the castle all day telling everyone about his furry adventures. Read the Puss in Boots® story and see what all the fur balls are about…


KIDOONS would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! What are you doing this Thanksgiving Day weekend?  No matter what your plans we hope that you are with family and friends! We’re going to have ourselves some holiday fun with all our friends at Animated Thanksgiving. Don’t be a turkey… gobble on over and […]

Hey, Turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

Choose one of the funny Animated Thanksgiving Day e-cards. Send them to your closest friends and family. They’re a great way to spread holiday spirit. Best of all you can write your own message to make them laugh! Send your Thanksgiving Day e-card

Join our festival of fun-ness!

KIDOONS is getting ready for yet another wonderful Thanksgiving. This is one of our favorite holidays. There’s beautiful colors and tasty food. Our holiday keeps getting better and more adventurous, because we keep making more friends to be thankful for. Make this Thanksgiving a funfest with fun things to see and do from KIDOONS.

Cornucopia, the Thanksgiving Fairy

Marida, the Cornucopia Fairy, is one of the most caring and loving Fairies from the Realm of the Fairies. But she sometimes gets confused when it comes to style and fashion. Her friends know this, so for Marida’s birthday, they all have purchased some stylish winter outfits for her. She needs your help to decide […]