When are you going back to school?

Sadly, holidays can’t last forever. KIDOONS hopes that you had a fun break! What were some of the cool things that you did? Time to get back to the books. Good news is: One half of the school is over! Keep visiting KIDOONS for fun and cool ideas to do during the school year!

The elves are having a feast and need you to decorate!

Welcome to Elfin Hill! It’s a very special and important time at Elfin Hill today, there will be a huge feast for all magical creatures that have been invited! We can’t do this without you, so help us make the party look fabulous by decorating it! Enjoy the “Magical Elf Feast!” Dress Up Gamehttp://www.elfinhill.com/game/13-magical-elf-feast

If you were in the 17th century what would you wear?

The Three Musketeers welcome you to 17th century France: an age of Kings and Queens and adventure! The Musketeers are giving Queen Anne of Austria gifts of beautiful dresses, dazzling jewelery and more! Play the game – the Queen wants to look wonderful, and you need to dress her up… will you accomplish the mission? […]

Still on Christmas break?

Still in the holiday spirit and not sure what to do? KIDOONS has made a list of different things for you to do: •    Put on a talent show with your friends for your parents. •    Try an indoor sport: Roller-skating, swimming, basketball, ping-pong and pool are a few indoor activities to try over your […]

Pick out your favorite winter outfit!

Donkey skin is preparing to see the prince. Her magical chest is filled with all kinds of beautiful gowns, but she doesn’t know which one to wear! Will it be her dress that’s the color of the heavens, her dress the color of the moon, or her dress the color of the sun? Or something […]

Were you born in the month of January?

Almandine is one of twelve Birthstone Fairies, and represents Garnet, the gemstone of January.  Like her sacred stone, Almandine has healing energy and can help people to persevere and stay in good health.  She is very powerful, and can spread prosperity.  Almandine embodies the purity and beauty of the Garnet stone.  Help Almandine dress up […]


What are your plans for the very first day of the year? KIDOONS has got some great holiday games! There is so much to look forward that we’ve decided just to sit back and play some really fun games today. Join KIDOONS for some New Year’s fun and play some cool games.http://www.animatedchristmas.com/

My New Year’s resolution is…

KIDOONS has a lot of New Year’s resolutions, what are some of yours? It is a tradition that every year some people will make a promise to try something fun and exciting in the New Year. Not sure what do to in 2012 here a few things we thought of: •    Try a new sport•   […]