Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

KDOONS, in association with Canada’s preeminent multimedia theatrical production company, WYRD Productions, is in development of a new live stage version of the adventure classic! The story of the infamous Captain Nemo and his incredible submarine, The Nautilus, this is a tale of adventure, thrills, and danger in a trip around the world’s oceans. With […]

KDOONS at the BANFF World Media Festival

KDOONS is proud to be attending the Banff World Media Festival, the world’s most important festival for leading-edge thought on the production of digital and broadcast media. We look forward to meeting the delegates, producers, and distributers from around the world to discuss the incredible potential of KDOONS’ IP, storytelling properties, and network. KDOONS Network […]

Puss in Boots “Cats Gone Wild”

Puss in Boots helped his master become a prince and now he has too many clothes to choose from when he gets ready in the morning. We all know how much Puss in Boots loves his sleep! Make a fun outfit for him and when you’re done send it to all of your friends to […]