How did you celebrate Christmas?

Many customs around the world celebrate Christmas in many different ways. How did your family celebrate the holiday? For example, Christmas in Australia is really hot. They celebrate the holidays in their t-shirts and shorts, that is crazy! No matter how you are spending your holidays KIDOONS hopes you are having a very fun time! […]

Smells like holiday sweets!

KIDOONS just loves all these yummy sweets that people eat during the holidays. Our favorite is the ginger bread houses. They taste so yummy! Hansel and Gretel also like ginger bread houses. Just not when there is an evil witch inside. Visit the Hansel and Gretel® store with an adult today!

Learn the elfish tricks of the trade!

Tonight, the Elves have to make a very special pair of shoes. They are going to be worn by the King’s Daughter! The Elves are very good at making shoes out of leather but they can’t agree on what kind of shoes would be fit for a princess: High-heels or flats? Sandals or sneakers? And […]

Get Santa ready to come down the chimney!

Did you know that Santa Claus is portrayed many different ways in cultures all around the world? Different cultures envision Santa in different clothes, different colors, and even slightly different looks. Some cultures even picture him as a ghost! Dress up Santa Claus in the different outfits from around the world, and see what others […]

Selfish Giant a KIDOONS™ Christmas Classic

Want to get in the Christmas spirit? Take a look at this beautifully illustrated and narrated classic story by Oscar Wilde. A heart-warming and inspiring tale of a giant who owns a beautiful garden, but forbids children to play in it and later learns a valuable lesson to be kind and sharing. A must-read for […]