Griselda At the Royal Wedding

It’s Time to Shine! The Royal Family has a wedding, and the invitations have been sent. All the richest of families in the kingdom will be there, so this is an occasion to dress to impress! Get Griselda styling and be noticed at the kingdom’s most hip event yet! Play the “Shine at the Royal […]

Three Little Pigs Factoid #2

It’s not everyday that you see a house being blown down by a Big Bad Wolf! You may hear about hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes (Nature’s most violent storms) in the news, but at KIDOONS you can read about another reason why the Three Little Pigs should have had better house insurance. Who would have known […]

Three Little Pigs™

Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale featuring 3 little pigs who build three houses of different materials. One was lazy and built a house from straw, second from sticks and the third one, the smartest one, build a sturdy house from bricks. A Big Bad Wolf was able to blow down the first two […]

Jorinda and Jorindel Factoid#1

Jorinda and Jorindel is a Fairytale originally written by Brothers Grimm. Start reading a re-mastered version on KIDOONS Network. Illustrated and Narrated for a whole family fun!