Three Little Pigs™

Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale featuring 3 little pigs who built three houses of different materials. One was lazy and built a house from straw, second from sticks and the third one, the smartest one, built a sturdy house from bricks. A Big Bad Wolf was able to blow down the first two […]

Say it: Rumpelstiltzkin!

The KIDOONS™ Network is thrilled to provide read-along stories that help teach storytelling and English, as well as using new media technologies.Have you read Rumpelstiltzkin with your kids yet?  It has super funny pictures and great audio narration!

Little Red Riding Hood

Awesome narrated and illustrated story about a little girl who’s delivering some food to her sick grandmother and the Big Bad Wolf who tricks them both and eats them! Wait, but there’s more! Check out this fun illustrated and narrated story to find out!