Fiore, Springtime Fairy

Fiore the Springtime Fairy has awoken and is ready to begin her new year. Fiore hides through winter, because cold weather upsets Fiore. She hides from the fairies, from people and society, for the whole winter and all the winter holidays. Fiore is called the ‘Springtime Fairy’ because when the calendar turns to spring, she […]

Madison Rabbit in Easter Party

Spring is in the Briar Patch. With springtime comes Madison Rabbit’s favorite holiday, Easter! On this special day Madison Rabbit is organizing a party for all her bunny friends. There will be Easter dinner, chocolate eggs, and dancing the Bunny Hop. There will be an Easter egg hunt game for kids. With the help of […]

Play Princess Viaggio’s Easter Egg Hunt Game!

Princess Viaggio is very excited for Easter, because to our little princess, the Easter holiday means spring is near! Different families in society have different traditions and celebrations for Easter, which is also why Princess Viaggio can hardly wait, because every year at Easter Princess Viaggio knows that her mother, the Queen, plans royal scavenger […]

The meaning of Easter is…

Find out through Ryder Rabbit’s new holiday tale, “Ryder Rabbit Learns What Easter Means”. Read to find out which friends he runs in to along the way to spread the meaning of Easter with, and of course what Easter really means to him. Join him in is Eas-terific adventure!