What do you call a baby goat? A kid!

Do you have younger brothers, sisters or friends? KIDOONS has many friends and we make sure that when someone’s being mean to them, we protect them! You should do the same! Grunter is the perfect example. On their way to find fields of grass and clover the three goats run into the troll. The troll […]

Bobby Raccoon is having fun this summer!

Bobby Raccoon is enjoying the summer weather, but he’s looking for new friends to make this summer even better. Bobby Raccoon has befriended Reddy Fox and they’re playing tricks at night! Luckily, all of their adventures have been put in a story, so that you can enjoy them too! There are also games waiting to […]

Summer fun with KIDOONS!

Who said summer fun can only be had outdoors? It’s nice to soak in the sun, but be careful not to overdo it. Take a break with KIDOONS and play these 2 awesome factoid games:   Bowser the Hound in “Hup! Two, Three, Four” Bowser the hound is a really tough dog that guards Farmer […]

Princess Annabelle Leo Zodiac Dressup Game

Princess Annebelle presents Leo the lion:  if your birthday is between July 23 and August 22, you are the Zodiac sign of Leo!  Like a lioness, you know what you want and hunt until you get it!  The fire sign of the lion means you are outgoing and very generous with your stuff and your […]

There’s a warm summer wind passing through

Old Mother West Wind is hanging out on Purple Mountains looking over everyone. There’s been a hot spell in Forestonia lately and all the characters are looking for some relief. Even Old Mother West Wind has been to tired to come out, but she’s out today and making certain that there’s a warm summer wind […]