Friends you haven’t seen all summer

Welcome home! I’m sure this weekend will be all about catching up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. That’s what KIDOONS plans on doing anyways. We were thinking of taking out our bikes and going for a bike ride to have a picnic somewhere we could laugh and play with our friends. How […]

Summer memories

We’ve gone camping, we’ve had people over for gatherings, and we’re cleaning up cause it’s time to get ready for the week of getting for school. What have you done this summer? Have you gone a really crazy vacation or did a really awesome cannon ball into your best friends pool? Let us know about […]

Lily the Pond Fairy

Everyone is running around getting ready for back to school, even Lily! She can often be seen relaxing on her favorite lily pad, but not right now! The excitement and nerves that come with going back to school have hit everyone. What to wear on this big day? Lily has gathered all of the possibilities […]