Simple Guide to Daylight Saving Time!

Fall back and spring ahead…that’s a good way to remember which way to turn your clock for Daylight Saving time! But what’s Daylight Saving all about? In most of the USA and Canada, we turn the arrows on the clock forward 1 hour on March 10 and we turn them back 1 hour on November […]

Halloween ideas for kids!

HALLOWEEN IS COMING! KIDOONS would like to wish you a very spooky and happy Halloween. It is almost time to get tons, and tons of candy. Remember to have fun and be safe! While you’re in the Halloween spirit, don’t miss reading “Trick or Treat Time” for some great ideas for kids, teachers and moms on […]

Check Your Candy

Throw out all those opened candies! Halloween is so soon! Just think about the mountains of candy you will be getting. Half the fun is seeing what you were able to get. Pour out all your candy and sort through it. Do this with an adult. Throw out anything that is not protected by a wrapper. Fun […]

How to cheer up when you feel down

Hey there! Do you ever feel sad and blue? We all feel down sometimes, it’s normal. Don’t fret! If you ever need to cheer up, talking about it helps looots. If you’re feeling sad, professionals like the ones at Nexus Youth Services can help you! Learn more and check out their inspirational video HERE! Remember: it is […]

Pumpkin Seed Chips

Get your family, friends and classmates in the Halloween spirit by brining them a Spooky Snack. When you make your pumpkin seed chips! With the help of an adult make so favorite is pumpkin seed chips. After your mom or dad is done carving the pumpkin, go through the goo and get out all the […]

Jerry Muskrat Has A Fright

October is the month of Halloween! It is important to learn how to make Halloween a safe adventure. The best way to know what to look out for is to ask an adult. Ask them questions about what they think is dangerous. Don’t end up like our friend Jerry Muskrat. Promise us you will listen to […]

Ami the Goth Fairy: Halloween Dress Up!

In the Halloween spirit, KIDOONS welcomes you to the “Underworld Fairy Realm”. We know you’re all very good boys and girls who listen to your parents, all the time! Ami was a rule breaker who always preferred to do things her own way.One day Tila, the Flower Fairy had had enough. She sent Ami to the […]