Kidoons Easter Fun with

Fun holiday videos and activities including easy to follow print outs on how to make one of a kind Easter eggs. The creativity page print outs are easy to use for holiday arts and crafts at home or in the classroom. Activities also include Frequently Asked Questions about Easter. Happy Easter!Visit

Get creative with Animated Easter Art Mania!

Color scenes from Kidoons stories with pre-made pictures – Choose from 20 juicy colors! Draw and color your own pictures and shapes with drawing tools, while ‘tool tips’ changes the size of your line and brushes. Place pre-drawn objects and make your own wacky Kidoons scenes! Happy Easter from KIDOONS! Get your creative juices flowing!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s March 17th and time to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day….feeling extra lucky? Saint Patrick was a Christian Missionary in Ireland in the years of the 400’s! His legend grew, and by the time people were writing about him 1,300 years later they said he: – banished all snakes from Ireland by sending them into the […]